Shoe Heel Gels


Shoe Heel Gels fit along the top of the heel counter to help keep wedges on the foot and limit shoe slippage in the heel and protect the back of the heel.

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Shoe Heel Gels

Shoe Heel Gels are used to reduce pressure from the shoe counter in the back of the heel and help the heel stay in the shoe. Simply, peel and place where desired for maximum comfort. Shoe Heel Gels can be help reduce pressure from a haglund’s deformity or spurs around the Achille’s Tendon. Pressure in this area from overgrown bone can cause discomfort, Shoe Heel gels can alleviate the pain.


One Size fits all however they can be cut down to fit smaller shoes or as desired.

Supplied as 1 pair.

Note From the Podiatrist:

Shoe counter gels are very popular with certain styles of shoes, especially wedges. The self adhesive counter gels allow for simple peel and place as desired. Most of the time we recommend these to be placed along the upper edge of the heel counter to reduce pressure and help aid in shoe positioning. Pressure in the rear heel can be a sign of other problems like pronation or bone spurs, if the pain does not go away with the heel counter gels, you may want to try arch supports or consult a podiatrist. People with large amounts of swelling, burning, tingling, or numbness in their feet should use caution while wearing shoes. Consult a podiatrist if you exhibit the pain persist while wearing shoes.


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