Sandal Strap Gels


Sandal Strap Gels are adhesive and easy to apply to any sandal strap that is digging into or rubbing on the skin. These Gels improve comfort and reduce pain


Sandal Strap Gels

Sandal Strap Gels are adhesive backed for easy application under problem sandal straps. They can also be uses in a number of other ways to reduce pressure over other areas. Ideally they are applied to the strap, however they can be applied to shoes, orthotics or the skin if needed. They can prevent calluses and corns in the toe area.

Supplied as a sheet of 4.


One size fits all and they can be cut for various applications.

Note from the Podiatrist:

Strap Gels are versatile and can be used in a number of different applications. The are designed to reduce irritation from problem sandal straps, however they can be cut and modified for a number of applications.


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