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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments have revolutionized aesthetics since they hit the medical field. Treatments now are more effective and safer than ever. Laser treatments at Totally Feet Podiatry and Laser Center are performed with the most effective and safe lasers available.  Our Laser lasers are specifically designed and engineered to perform each of the procedures we perform. Our staff is trained in all of these procedures.

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Cutera Genesis Plus Laser System

Understanding Lasers and Laser Treatments

There are many important factors when selecting the correct lasers for each laser treatments. There are 4 main characteristics that need to be assessed to establish the efficacy for a particular treatment.

  • Fluence– Power over a set time to a selected surface area.  Fluence is measured in Joules/cm2; Joules = Watts x Time
  • Pulse Width– Measures the length of time a laser is exposing the target tissue. This with the fluence, spot size, and wavelength determine how much energy is delivered to the targets.
  • Spot Size– Refers to the diameter of the laser beam and helps control the depth the laser will travel through the tissues
  • Wavelength- is generated by the materials used to generate the laser beam. Using the correct wavelength is critical to ensure a safe and effective treatment. Some wave lengths should not be used on some skin types, make sure you choose your provider wisely.

Many companies will claim a high maximum amount of power without stating a spot size or pulse width. Potential patients should make sure they select the right doctor for their treatment. A spot size and wavelength are the most important factors in determining the penetration of the laser in to the tissues. The 1064nm wavelength has one of the best penetrations of any laser on the market, making it very versatile and safe. Choosing the right wavelength with the correct parameters will maximize comfort, results and safety.

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