Nerve Entrapment

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Nerve EntrapmentNerve Entrapments and Heel Pain

There are various nerves in the foot that can malfunction when they experience abnormal pressure. There are nerves in the heel area that can cause heel pain when entrapped and irritated by muscle and ligament. This pain is different than the pain experienced by plantar fasciitis and is most commonly characterized by burning, tingling, or the feeling of pins and needles being stuck into their feet.

Conservative Treatment of Nerve Entrapment

Injections of steroids can be effective at limiting the inflammation around the nerve, ligaments, scar tissue, or other structures entrapping the nerve. Orthotics can sometimes relieve some of the stress on the nerve by changing the biomechanics of the foot and reducing stress along the areas of entrapment.

Surgical Treatment of Nerve Entrapment

Surgical resection of the impinging tissue may be required. These procedures depend on the nerve, location, and impinging structure.

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